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Business Benchmarking & Valuation Service

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Have you ever wondered how your business is performing compared to your competitors, or within your region or even against all other businesses in your Industry?

MBA now offers a comprehensive financial benchmarking service that can provide you with a wealth of useful information about how well you are performing in your Industry.

We can compare your business's turnover and all your key expenditure items against general groups within your Industry. For example, if you operated a Motel, we can compare your results to Motels of similar turnover, or within a similar region or all motels in NSW. In fact we can do all of these comparisons for you!

We will then provide you with a detailed report on how your business rated. Was it above average, average or below average. We wil provide some fundamental suggestions for improvements and, in many cases, can assist you with the implementation, management and tracking of any changes that you make. In addition, we can compare your data to published ATO benchmark ratios and highlight cases where your business may fall within/outside ATO accepted benchmarks. This can serve as an excellent 'warning signal' for any possible future ATO audit activity. We can now offer you all of this in a conscise, professional and understandable report - tailored to your business and your results.

As an extension of this service, have you ever wondered how much your business is worth? Using the benchmark analysis data and the data of hundreds of other comparable businesses, we can also prvide you with a detailed appraisal of your business's value. This is a more detailed service but could prove invaluable should you ever be considering a succession plan, or perhaps looking for finance, or simple wanting to know the wealth that may exist in your business.

As an introductory special offer our Business Benchmark Reports are available at the price of $660* including GST (normally $990) and our Business Valuation Reports are available at the price of $1320 * including GST (normally in excess of $2,200). Or you can have both reports prepared for just $1,760 including GST.

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* Conditions:

  1. Reports are for one business in an industry where sufficient benchmarking data is available
  2. Your business' 2016 and/or 2015 financial information is complete and available for analysis
  3. Business Benchmark Reports - limited to first 10 clients
  4. Business Valuation Reports - limited to first 5 clients

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